XVII Ayuntamiento Rosarito

The XVII Ayuntamiento Rosarito ask us to create a new brand identity for the city. The problem that we found is that the city was changing their brand identity every 3 years with the change of every administration. By doing this, the city didn’t had a solid brand that locals and tourist can identify, there was no sense of belonging, loyalty and therefore there was no commitment to take care of the city and their public spaces. A questions came to our minds, and the solution was simple. What if we created a visual element that everyone could relate to? The visual element had to be independent and not relatable to any political party or personal branding. Our solution, we crated a flag. We designed a flag inspired by the natural landmarks from the city. By using the flag as the main brand identity for the city we created a simple and solid identity that over the years it could start building the sense of belonging, it wouldn’t be attached to a political party or a persona since the elements that conformed the flag were very simple: The “Cerro Coronel” and “La Mesa”, the beautiful pacific ocean and the sun; this uniq elements represent Playas de Rosarito very well and it could also represent their people.

ClientXVII Ayuntamiento RosaritoServicesBranding, Marketing, Photography, Video, WebBrandingAlvaro Camacho, Marco LizarragaWebAlvaro Camacho, Iván GonzalezPhotographyUdefo